Pac-Man 99 is the latest battle royale game on the block, and it’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Following in the footsteps of Tetris 99 (and the departed Super Mario Bros. 35), this competitive online game takes a classic video game franchise and injects some modern 1v100 (well, 1v98) everyone-for-themselves gameplay that’s arguably worth the price of a Nintendo Switch Online sub on its own.

The game is free-to-play for online subscribers, but just as Tetris 99 has, it also features downloadable skins and extra modes to enjoy if you’re willing to pay for it. We’d assume that a future physical release will bundle all this DLC onto a cartridge — again, just like Tetris 99 — but for now you’ll have to go digital if you want all the extra goodies.

Below we’ve gathered together a list of ever Pac-Man 99 DLC skin available to download, plus information on prices and a little poll at the end — let us know your favourites!

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  5. Reader Poll – What are your favourites?

What are Pac-Man 99 Custom Themes?

While you might be very happy to play with the classic Pac-Man skin, there are a host of downloadable retro ‘skins’ you can use instead. These include several classic Namco games and franchises, such as Galaga, Dig Dug, Rolling Thunder and Xevious.

Using a different skin will change the visuals and the sound effects, but it has no affect on gameplay whatsoever — they just look cool and give the game a different retro flavour. It’s still called Pac-Man 99, too, even without Pac-Man.

How many Pac-Man 99 DLC Themes are there?

There are currently 29 themes available, although one of those is the default Pac-Man skin. So, 28 extra skins, if you like.

How much are the Pac-Man 99 DLC Themes?

The classic character skins are available individually for $1.99 / £1.69 / €1.99 each, although you can buy the DLC bundle which unlocks all the skins plus the ‘Mode Unlock’ (extra gameplay modes) for $29.99 / £24.99 / €29.99.

Pac-Man 99 DLC Themes – Complete List

Here’s the full list of every DLC theme currently available to download in Pac-Man 99:

Classic Theme

Vector Theme

Colorful Theme

Frame Theme

Bricks Theme

Pastel Blocks Theme

Igloo Theme

Garden Theme

Log House Theme

New Rally-X

Namco Classic 1 Theme

The Tower of Druaga Theme

Namco Classic 2 Theme

Galaga Theme

Dig Dug Theme

The Genji and the Heike Clans Theme

Yokai Dochuki Theme

Dragon Buster Theme

The Legend of “Valkyrie” Theme

Cosmo Gang The Video Theme

Namco Classic 3 Theme

Rolling Thunder Theme

Wonder Momo Theme

Xevious Theme

Baraduke Theme

The Return of Ishtar Theme

Namco Classic 4 Theme

Namco Classic 5 Theme

Bravoman Theme

Reader Poll – What are your favourites?

Let us know your favourite Pac-Man 99 DLC Theme by voting for your top three in the poll below.

Will you be downloading any of these, or the whole lot? Too pricey? Let us know if they’re tempting you — and how you’re getting on with the game so far — with a comment below.


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