Action role-playing game Genshin Impact has become a hit with gamers, and following its release in late 2020, it has picked up an audience with millions of fans interested in playing the game.

It also uses something called gacha game monetization, this is a mechanic which is similar to a toy vending machine. This monetization is for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

If you’re looking for a game which is popular and has a massive community, look no further than genshin.

The game, which is made by miHoYo, is available on PC and PS4 and is also free-to-play.

Another good thing about Genshin is that it also has cross-play comparability between systems, and therefore PC and PS4 players can play together.

Players will want to know which characters in the game are the best to use, so we have made a tier list to help gamers decide who to play with in Genshin.

Tier list for Genshin Impact

S Tier
Bennett- Utility
Ganyu- Main DPS
Diluc- Main DPS
Hu Tao- Main DPS
Zhongli- Sub DPS
Mona- Sub DPS
Tartaglia- Main DPS
Venti- Utility
Xiao- Main DPS
Xingqiu- Sub DPS

A Tier
Albedo- Sub DPS
Diona- Utility
Fischl- Sub DPS
Jean- Utility
Keqing- Main DPS
Ningguang- Main DPS
Qiqi- Utility
Razor- Main DPS
Rosaria- Sub DPS
Sucrose- Utility
Xiangling- Sub DPS

B Tier
Barbara- Utility
Beidou- Main DPS
Chongyun- Sub DPS
Kaeya- Sub DPS
Xinyan- Main DPS

C Tier
Lisa- Sub DPS
Noelle- Utility
Traveler Anemo- Sub DPS
Traveler Geo- Utility

D Tier
Amber- Sub DPS

There are an abundance of characters in the game to play with, 30 in total, and it is truly hard to find the best character to use, especially as they are split into three categories:

Main DPS- Main damage dealer
Sub DPS- Secondary damage dealer
Utility- Used for control buffs and healing

Fans can pick and choose which character they want to play with ease, so can test out who they play best with, however this tier list gives somewhat of a bearing as to who is best to use in the game.

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